Grand Opening on Nov 16

Welcome to Thai Thani.
Thai Food at its Best...

We are Veggie Friendly


Where We Are Located

NOTE: Owing to a difference in policy, we sold Thai Thani restaurant at Celebration three years ago. Any action or performance of Thai Thani restaurant at Celebration are not concerned and connected to Thai Thani Orlando group anymore and we will not take responsibility for their actions.

About Thai Thani

At Thai Thani, we believe food is an integral part of culture and that dining is a time to relax and enjoy the company of wonderful family and friends. It is our sincerest hope that when you leave our restaurant you will consider us family as well...(read more)

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  • Orlando | 407.239.9733

  • Corporate:
    7555 W Sand Lake Rd,
    Orlando, FL 32819


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    I love this place. It's a really authentic feel with the cushions on the floor that you sit on, the decor, music, wait staff, food, etc. It's a really good place to go on a date or with a group.
    Lauren H, Tampa, Florida